Launch New Complaint


The following documents are required to be furnished/uploaded along with complaint form.

  • Copy of C.N.I.C. or Passport
  • Copies of supporting documents.
  • If complainant is submitting supporting documents related to Court of Law, Tribunal, Wafaqi Mohtasib or any other forum, duly attested copies of the documents be uploaded.
  • Before lodge a complaint with OGRA, the complainant may ensure that:-

a) The complainant has already approached / requested the licensee for redressal of his/her grievance(s) as per their Complaint Resolution System (documentary proof be uploaded).

b) Attach documentary proof in both cases redressal or non-redressal by the licensee (documentary proof be uploaded).

For further details the applicant/complainant may visit Complaint Resolution Procedure Regulation (CRPR) 2003 at the link given below.